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  • Erica Lim

Montréal Memos

This city was something else. My best friend and I visited from Toronto for a quick 3 days trip before we officially bid Summer goodbye. I didn't think I would have the time or energy to take photos, I honestly wasn't even planning to, but I ended up having a few hours to myself on our second day, which, might I mention was the only time during the entirety of the trip where it wasn't raining so I decided to take the opportunity. Let's just say, even the universe wanted FILMEDFITS in Montreal. Finding fashion inspiration in this city was not a challenge at all. Everywhere I go, every street I stumble upon, and every little alleyway I wind up in, there was something to capture. To sum it up: artsy city = artsy people = artsy style. I had so much fun.

Montréal and Toronto are definitely two very, very different cities. Aside from the obvious architecture, history, culture, etc., I've noticed much more individualistic styles and fashion being used as a way of expression to its fullest. It was pretty interesting how there were subtle similarities in the way people dressed, but at the same time, so unique and different. Almost as if they all went to the same store, but bought different pieces. Everyone I went up to got so giddy and excited when I asked if I could get a photo of them, and it made me very happy. I always enjoy the little conversations that I get out of these interactions.

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