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  • Erica Lim

The Origin of FILMEDFITS

I remember very clearly just when and where I was when the idea of FILMEDFITS came alive. I was at a coffee shop just a few streets down where I was living in Downtown Toronto. It was a very warm summer day, and I had just paid an ungodly amount of money for an iced coffee and a salad bowl. I was working on a website for my dad, and as I was jotting down notes on possible improvements and future edits, the idea of creating my own website popped into my mind. Then I thought, what would the website even be for? I needed a brand. Maybe a project. Something passionate.

I was obsessed with the "What are people wearing in (insert city here)?" TikTok videos, to the point where it flooded my FYP. I love fashion. I love anything to do with styling, clothes, and new trends. I also love seeing how people express themselves through clothing. I had gotten myself one of those film cameras from Kodak a month ago because I wanted to document my summer. What if I start going up to people on the streets... and take photos of their outfits... on my film camera?

FILMEDFITS is my take on street fashion and capturing style in different cities. I am (finally) pursuing my passion in fashion, I am stepping out of my comfort zone, I am getting more inspired every day by the people around me, and hey, I'm making friends along the way.

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